Upper Eyelid, Lower Eyelid, Brow Lift, Canthoplasty, Lip Lift, and More


upper eyelid

Upper Eyelid Surgery gives you a defined and clear eye shape by creating double eyelids. There are two main methods:

  1. Non-incision method creates double eyelid without skin incision, by puncturing multiple micro holes along the eyelid line and sewing through them. It’s characterized by minimal swelling and faster recovery.

  2. Incision method incises the eyelids to remove unnecessary fats and muscles. This method is great for people who need additional eye surgery such as ptosis correction or eye fat removal.


lower eyelid

Lower Eyelid Surgery freshens up your features by removing excess bulky fat tissues or flattening your under eye. There are three methods depending on current condition and desired effect.

  1. In case of sunken under eye, under eye area is filled with layers of fats to flatten out the surface.

  2. In case of dark circles, a thin layer of fat will be inserted to cover up the dark circle.

  3. In case of bulky eye bags, fat reposition and flattening out are required.


brow lift

Brow lift, or sub-brows lift gives a great lifting effect around the eyes area by removing the excess eyelid fats and skin under the eyebrows. If you are looking for an anti-aging eye surgery, the sub-brows lifting is the key for you.



Canthoplasty makes your eyes bigger and better-defined by opening up the epicanthal fold (a small web of tissue overlapping the nasal corner of the eye) or lateral canthal area. Understanding this hidden space and performing the canthoplasty could give a dramatic change in terms of image of your face.


lip lift

Lip lift gives you a younger, brighter look by shortening the cupid’s bow dimple and restoring sagging skin around the lip area. With anti-aging effects, lip lift is a powerful method for those looking to achieve a youthful look.