Tone Up Laser, Lifting Laser, Infiti Laser, IPL, Erbium, and Hair Removal



Tone Up Laser is the latest technology that enables safe and efficacious treatment to brighten the skin for all skin types. To improve skin tone and texture, tone up laser uses different wavelength to effectively remove freckles, pigmentation, and photo-damaged skin. The treatment only requires a very short period of time with virtually minimal down time. Short treatment time maximizes the benefits and with minimal discomfort from the treatment. 

After the Tone Up Laser, DRVIP offers a wide variety of follow up treatments to boost your treatment experience. With patient's choice of soothing, vitamin, lifting, and ultrasound treatments, join DRVIP's full skin whitening program with Tone Up Laser combined with natural peeling Dr. Solution and Skin Treatments. 


HIFU is a non invasive ultrasound treatment that has ability to work in the deep layers of the skin effectively without disturbing the outer layer.

By using the latest technology from HIFU, our Lifting Laser penetrates the ultrasound to the deep layer of the skin tissues that gives lifting and tightening effect, creating a perfect V - Line face shape. Significant result will be seen over a 3 month period. Highly recommended to have 1 treatment per month over 3 month period.