Filler, Dermal Injection, and Shining Injection




Filler is a type of injection that effectively gives volume on the depressed areas on your face. Ideal candidates for filler injections are the following: 

01   People who want to improve the fine wrinkles

02   People who have an extremely slim face

03   People who want natural and slight volume in the face

04   People who want a quick and simple procedure

05   People who want a fast recovery and an instant result

06   People who want to have a detailed volume in the specific sunken areas of the face




botox img.png

By reducing the muscle movement, dermal injection reduce the size of the muscle to make the area slimmer or remove wrinkles. Ideal candidates are below: 

01    People who want to improve the fine wrinkles

02    People who want to naturally achieve a slimmer face line rather than the surgery

03    People who have advanced jaw muscles and would like to reduce them

04    People who have imbalanced face line due to muscle differences

05    People who are looking for a quick and simple procedure

06    People who want to reduce the calves muscle size to slimmer size

07    People who want to achieve a slimmer body





Shining Injection immediately boosts your skin hydration and tightening. Ideal candidates of Shining Injection are: 

01   People who have a dry skin with fine wrinkles

02   People who lost the skin elasticity

03   People who want to achieve a brightening and pure skin results

04   People who want Hyaluronic Acid Injection for brightening, shining, and anti-aging effects